2023 PORG Board


Parks Administrator, James City County Parks & Recreation


Park Operations Manager, James City County Parks & Recreation


Business Manager, Hanover County Parks & Recreation

Education Corner

From our friends at Virginia Tech and the Virginia Sports Turf Managers Association, here are a couple of really useful links for calendars for sport turf management for the coming year:

Bermuda Grass fields: https://tinyurl.com/BermudaSportsFieldMtncCalendar
Cool season grass fields: https://tinyurl.com/CoolSeasonSportsTurfMtncCalndr

Information Concerning Glyphosate (Roundup)

PORG has received a number of inquiries from members concerning Glyphosate use by Maintenance staff in Parks and Recreation.  Staff using the chemical or supervising those using the chemical are legitimately concerned about possible long term health effects of the weed killer. We have found a number of articles and links for information concerning this current debate of whether Glyphosate is safe or not.  The links here approach the issue in an objective way and are just presenting facts as they are currently. This debate will undoubtedly continue and agencies may want to be have as much information as possible when the question comes from staff, local citizens and politicians in your area concerning its use by your agency.   Virginia Tech and the Virginia Cooperative Extension has produced some excellent material that should aid in understanding the issue.

Glyphosate: Health Controversy, Benefits and Continuing Debate Glyphosate Q&A