Recreation Leader – Community Centers

City of Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism
1224 Progressive Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia
Job Type
$12.94 per hour
Required Education
VOCATIONAL/EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENT: Requires a high school diploma or GED and any combination of education and experience equivalent to satisfactory completion of one year of college education in recreation, physical education, or a closely related field.


This position primarily supports the city’s community center operations, programs, rentals and events which includes many diverse program and activities, including special events, athletics, seniors and participants with disabilities. Duties will focus on customer service, facility and participant oversight, safety, and general maintenance. Related duties include but are not limited to:

Provides customer service to diverse citizen and participant groups of all ages that meets the expectations of the City’s Customer Service Initiative. Provides information to the public regarding departmental activities, events, programs, and other related general information regarding Parks, Recreation and Tourism in person, or by phone, and email.

Assists with supervising various age groups of children that participate in youth programs; with ages ranging from 6-15.

Assists with daily Community center operations and programs such as opening and closing facility, general custodial and housekeeping tasks of facility, set–up, take down of various types of recreational equipment, tables, chairs, bleachers and conducts facility inspections. Will be required to monitor community center facilities during and after normal hours of operation and secure facility.

Supervises facility, and participants; enforces rules, and regulations in accordance with City policies and procedures.

Monitors program and participant safety, reports safety concerns to supervisor, and responds to accidents and injuries, may perform basic first aid.

Monitors center identification system, and daily participant circulation.

May assist with planning and participating in activities and programs appropriate for various age groups, and interact with children in active and passive games; ability to make fair game decisions, some knowledge of game rules; ability to read directions; and divide children in equal age groups.

Processes transactions such as program registrations and rental reservations, sells memberships, and collect payments.

Processes cash, check, credit card transactions and reconcile funds in accordance with standard procedures and regulations.

Must have the ability to exercise independent judgment; effectively communicate with the public. Resolves conflicts among participants in a calm and orderly manner; report behavior issues to management staff and parents.

Controls the disbursement, collection, storage of equipment and overall site inventory. Organizes site equipment; expresses game rules and regulations, demonstrates game equipment; makes safe decisions; and interprets directions.

Submits written reports, of accidents/incidents, equipment and inventory needs, to supervisor in a timely manner.

Utilizes general knowledge of recreational activities including athletics, arts and crafts, music and dance, board games and special events.

May require active participation in field trips and center settings and various games including kickball, football, softball, table games, volleyball, cards, checkers, active & passive games.

Requires a degree of mobility which would allow for interaction with program and activities.

Required Experience

In addition to satisfying the vocational/education standards, this position requires a minimum of one month of full-time equivalent experience.

Employee Benefits

If you join the City of Chesapeake as a full-time regular employee, the City will provide a foundation of benefits for you.

This is a highlight of specific aspects of the benefit program for full-time regular employees of the City of Chesapeake, such as retirement, life insurance, holidays, annual leave, sick leave, and paid time off. If you join the City, you will receive detailed descriptions of the benefit plans.