Awards at VRPS Annual Conference

VRPS membership is a requirement in order to submit an application and be considered for 2020 VRPS Awards, to be presented at the 2021 Virginia Recreation and Park Society Annual Conference on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

Awards categories include:

Fellows Award
Outstanding New Professional
Distinguished Service
Distinguished Volunteer Service
Distinguished Private Sector Service
Best New Program
Best New Special Event
Best New Facility (Bricks and Mortar)
Best New Facility (Parks, Playgrounds, Blueways, Greenways or Trails)
Best New Renovation/Addition (Bricks and Mortar)
Best New Renovation (Parks, Playgrounds, Blueways, Greenways or Trails)
Best New Environmental Sustainability
Most Innovative Marketing Strategy
Most Innovative Marketing Piece
Snapshot Moment
Best Health and Wellness Initiative


For a complete description of the awards categories and judging criteria, please download the form below.

Previous Winners

Past Fellows Award Recipients, 1964 to present

2019 (Awards presented October, 2020)

2018 (Awards presented September, 2019)

2017 (Presented November, 2018)

2016 (Awards presented October, 2017)

2015 (Awards presented November, 2016)

2014 (Awards presented November, 2015)

2013 (Awards presented December, 2014):

2012 (Awards presented September, 2013):

2011 (Awards presented September, 2012):

2010 (Awards presented in 2011)

2009 (Awards presented in September, 2010):



  • Nominees must be VRPS members at the time of the award application submission as well as the Awards Ceremony.

  • Nomination fees must be paid via credit card when completing the online nomination process.

  • Each award nomination is $35 through June 30, 2021. Nominations received 7/1-7/31/2021 will be $45 each.

  • VRPS Awards Committee reserves the right to re-direct entries into appropriate categories. Incorrect submissions for population divisions will not be redirected or awarded. Decisions are final.

  • Nominations for joint projects must be submitted separately by each agency and combine populations from each submitting agency. Each agency must upload the supporting document and pay the nomination fee.


  • There is a 25 MB file upload maximum per submission – to include census and nomination documentation.

  • The official nomination should be attached as a single PDF file and address all criteria. Supporting materials such as buttons, shirts, signs, banners, etc. should be photographed and also uploaded in a separate, single PDF file.

  • Please prepare 100 words or less that concisely state as to why the nominee should be considered. This verbiage will be entered in the online awards submission form.

  • When submitting your official nomination, include a single PDF write-up of 1000 words or less, clearly identifying each selection criteria as well as any supporting photos or video links.

  • Please embed high-quality pdf photos (300 dpi minimum).

  • Nominations for individual awards must include one photo of the nominee. For all other awards please include at least one (two preferably) with each entry. Include at least one before and one after photo in the renovation categories

  • To enter a video as part of your nomination, please provide a complete URL on the nomination form where requested; this URL is where the video resides and is viewable by the public. Please remember that the video must remain publicly viewable at this URL address through October 31.

  • Cities and Counties use 2019 population information and towns use 2018 population information.

  • 2019 Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service Virginia Population Estimates must be obtained from . VRPS Awards & Citations Committee recommends using the Data Table option on the population homepage; be sure to upload 2019 estimates. Once you generate your population information for your city or county, please save it as a PDF. You will upload this information only once as part of the Official Nomination Form online.

Early Bird Discount Deadline:  6/30/2021

Awards Submission Deadline:  7/31/2021

Leslie Bowery, CPSI, CPRP

Western Service Area

Sandy Kellogg

Aquatics Resource Group

Tabitha Martinez, CPRP

Central Service Area

Julia Duzant-Boyette

Eastern Service Area

Katie MacCammon, CPRP

Northern Service Area

Kristin Hamill

Park Operations Resource

June Snead

Senior Resource Group

Stormi Arrowood

Southwest Service Area

Emily Upton, CPRP

Special Events and Marketing Resource Group

Tracy Newsom, CTRS

Therapeutic Recreation Resource Group