2017 VRPS Carowinds Discount Ticket Program


Individuals seeking ticket purchases:  please see the online ticket purchase option to the right under the Carowinds logo.

* Ticket prices are the same.
* You may purchase up to 50 tickets for a single $5.99 processing fee.
* You must have access to a printer to print your tickets.

Spring Savings Days

* $39.00 (Ages 3 and above)
* Valid April 7-15, 21-23 EXCEPT park rental days

Park and Recreation Days

* $39.00 (Ages 3 and above)
* Valid June 30 - July 9, July 15-16 EXCEPT park rental days

Fall Fun Days

$39.00 (Ages 3 and above)
* Valid October 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-29 EXCEPT park rental days

Good Anydays

$42.00 (Ages 3 and above)
* Valid any regular operating day during the 2017 season EXCEPT park rental days.

Carowinds Operating Calendar

How Do I Place a Consignment Order?

  1. Complete a Member Ticket Authorization Contract (first order of the season only).
  2. Complete a order form for the specific ticket type.
  3. Scan/email ( or FAX (804-730-9455) your forms to VRPS.

Shipping and Handling Options:
* Choose UPS Ground ($15) if you have allowed up to ten days to receive your order.
* Choose UPS Overnight/Next Business Day ($35) if you have ordered by 3pm on Monday - Friday and wish to receive your package on the next business day.

* Please email
* Please note:  ticket orders may not be placed over the phone.

VRPS Consignment Ticket Vendors

Online Sales


  • You MUST pay by credit card.
  • Tickets will appear in a pop-up from the site - be sure your computer or personal device allows the pop-up.
  • You must print your ticket and redeem at the park gate.  You can scan your tickets from your personal device at the gate as well.
  • There are NO REFUNDS.
  • Ticket prices are the same as the hardcopy consignment tickets available to contracted VRPS ticket agencies.
  • Comp tickets (when applicable) will be calculated and appear in your shopping cart prior to checkout.
  • The ONLY ticket delivery option is e-ticket.
  • You must contact the theme park call center with any online questions or issues:
  • Orders are subject to the following processing fees:

Non-Admission Items


1-2 Items


3-4 Items


5+ Items



Ticket Return Policy

Tickets received on consignment from VRPS must be returned to the Central Office by COB on the dates below, based on ticket type.

6/2/2017      Spring Savings Days
8/11/2017    Park and Recreation Days
11/10/2017  Fall Fun Days
11/10/2017  Good Anyday

* There are no refunds or returns for any Tickets purchased through the VRPS Kings Dominion or Carowinds online stores.