VSG Athlete Bulletin Board

Virgina Senior Games Athlete Bulletin Board

Searching for a partner or team?  Let us know at vsg@vrps.com and we will post your contact information below.

NEW FOR 2017:  Virginia Senior Games will no longer be partnering players.  Players can submit posts for this bulletin board and connect with each other.  Partner names will be required in order to register for Doubles and Mixed Doubles events.


  • 55-year-old female seeks 3-on-3 basketball team.  Please contact Sal at 804-393-6000.
  • 64-year-old male seeks to join 3-on-3 basketball team.  Please contact Manny at mcastellanos@portsmouthva.gov.
  • Seeking players for mens' 80+  (birth year 1937 or earlier).  Contact Eugene Koser (757) 238-3293 if interested!


BASKETBALL- 3-on-3 TEAMS (Nationals, Birmingham, June 2017)

  • Looking for 1 or 2 qualified players (age 75 – 79) to fill our roster which has been depleted by moving from the 70 - 74 to the 75 – 79 age group (need big men).   Contact Mike at letskymike@comcast.net.
  • Mens 85+ competition seeks players who will be 85 by 12/31/2017, qualified in a 2016 state game, and would like to participate at Nationals.  Contact amvoegtli@aol.com or dickandlorraine2@gmail.com.



  • Seeking both female and male partners for bowling in 70-74 and 90-94 age groups each.  Please contact peg.moyer@gmail.com.
  • 55-year-old male seeks 4.0 female partner for mixed doubles.  Contact laserpt@yahoo.com.
  • 65-year-old female seeks male partner for mixed doubles - 3.5 self-rating.  Please contact Jennifer at jwnukes@comcast.net or 804-310-7981.
  • 81-year-old female seeks partner for womens doubles; skill level approximately 3-3.5.  Please contact Dorothy at 804-276-2921 or dotr1119@verizon.net.
  • 85-year old male seeks partner for mens doubles; has worked as a part-time personal trainer for 18 years, 6'4", skill level 3-3.5, plays 3 times/week.  Contact wc900@comcast.net.


  • Seeking a partner for mens doubles, 60-64 would be ideal but will play with anyone from 55-99. Contact John at ttennis@cox.net.
  • Intermediate/Advanced male tennis player seeks 60-65 female for Mixed Doubles.  Contact Donald at tenniswed2004@yahoo.com.



  • 54-year-young female seeks volleyball team - Libero/DS/Hitter.  Please contact Manuela at 571-245-1980.
  • 67-year-old male from Va Beach is seeking a team to join for the Senior Games. He plays at the Virginia Rec centers twice a week and sometimes coed 4 on the beach. Contact John Rudman: jrudman669@aol.com

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Contact vrps@vrps.com.

Other Games Around Virginia

Norfolk Neighborhood and Leisure Services' Games 

Held the first week of May and are open to residence of Norfolk and anyone who regularly participate in their programs. The contact is Jean Saunders, 757-441-2109. Please call her for a complete explanation.

Northern Virginia Senior Olympics 
Sponsored by the Northern Virginia Senior Olympic Committee and Northern Virginia Recreation and Parks Departments, the Northern Virginia Senior Olympic Program is held annually in September and is open to all senior residents ages 50 years and older who live in a sponsoring jurisdiction.  The NVSO program promotes health, fitness and the psychological well-being of senior adults by providing opportunities for participation, competition, self improvement and fellowship through various athletic and recreational events. While making the public aware of the capabilities existing in the senior population NVSO also promotes awareness among the seniors of the available recreation facilities in Northern Virginia. For more information, visit www.nvso.us or call 703-228-3600, ext. 9996.