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VSG adheres to National Senior Games rules.  Click HERE to see the NSG RULES.

Athletes in certain sports may qualify for National Senior Games by achieving minimum performance standards.  Click HERE to see the NSG MINIMUM PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.

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Athlete Waiver

All Registrants must read and affirm in order to participate.

In consideration of the acceptance of my application for registration in the Virginia Senior Games, I hereby waive and release for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators any and all rights and claims for injuries, damages, and/or losses to include loss of life, (except for personal injury solely and proximately caused by the negligence of The Virginia Recreation and Park Society, any sponsor, and/or their respective officers, employees, or agents, their representatives, and their affiliates) arising out of any and all activities connected with the Virginia Senior Games.  I acknowledge and understand the inherent risks involved with participating in the physical activities of the Virginia Senior Games.

By signing this waiver and release, I affirmatively declare and warrant that:

  • I am physically healthy and able to participate,
  • I have no medical condition that may limit or impair my safe participation in the games,
  • I have received my doctor’s permission, if necessary, to participate, and
  • I voluntarily assume all foreseeable risks associated with physical activity incident to the Virginia Senior Games.

I understand that photographs or videos of me may be taken during the events, that my likeness may appear in news coverage, publications, and/or publicity regarding the Virginia Senior Games, that no compensation will be made by the sponsors, and I give my consent to these conditions.